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Veectero is an innovative and profitable business unit of Krystal Global Engineering Ltd. (KGEL), dedicated to creating sustainable transportation solutions that are environment-friendly, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

At Veectero, we are passionate about transforming the way people travel and transport goods, thereby building electric vehicles that are reliable, efficient, and enjoyable to drive. We believe that electric mobility is the future and we are excited to be at the forefront of this transformational shift in mobility. Our desire is manifesting in the wide range of E-Three Wheelers and E-Two Wheelers certified by the prestigious ICAT.

As a Corporate Group, we believe that environment conservation is our responsibility and our core objective has always been to reduce carbon footprints and inspire people to choose E-Vehicles for their daily commute and goods transportation.

How are we different?

Our products have been hallmarks of excellence and innovation through future-ready features in passenger, as well as commercial E-Vehicles with large space to accommodate more goods and more customers, apart from being sturdy, durable, and aesthetically appealing.

We at Veectero have leveraged our cutting-edge technological prowess to manufacture products that create win-win situations and transform every common man into a hero.


Our objective of entering this sector was to help reduce carbon footprints and generate employment, thereby protecting the environment and empowering the citizens of our country.

This belief is manifested in our product range of E-Three Wheelers certified by the prestigious ICAT for the E-Rickshaw and E-Cart product range. Each buyer of our Veectero Bazzigar E-Rickshaws, contributes to building a greener nation, apart from financially empowering itself.

Get to know us

VEECTERO, In detail

We aspire to be a happily successful process driven Global Engineering Organisation for empowering and upgrading people, partners and the nation.

  1. To empower and uplift 100k+ (1 Lakh) families by 2028 through the promotion of sustainable EV mobility, uplifting communities and contributing to a cleaner future.
  2. To develop sustainable transportation solutions that are environment-friendly as well as affordable and accessible to everyone.

Backed with latest technology and a diligent R&D Team, we at Veectero constantly strive for excellence, by developing E-Vehicles that are at par with global standards and ensure spectacular performance.

Our business approach has always been collaborative, which reflects in the ROI that our Partner Dealers get, which is within the range of 40%.

With each passing year, we at Veectero have been growing strength-to-strength. We have created multiple employment and business opportunities for every common man.

At Veectero, our products reflect our commitment. Find out why ‘Veectero Bazzigar – Sabko Jeetaaye, Hero Banaaye’ is not just a line, but a sign of our dedication to you.
    A ride in Veectero Bazzigar Electric Three-Wheeler is a breeze for the passengers, thanks to its spacious passenger cabin and premium features.
    Veectero Electric Three-Wheeler provides a cost-effective solution with its low acquisition cost, lower running cost (less than Rs 0.75/km), and an additional 25% seating capacity, resulting in a significant 200% increase in income.
    With an ROI of up to 40%, Veectero Bazzigar’s range of Electric Three-Wheeler has been one of the most preferred for dealers across India, and the demand is multiplying with each passing year.
    With Veectero E-Vehicles providing Pay-as-you-go Technology, powered by KPAY Chip, financial institutions can now seamlessly and directly collect their EMIs, utilise live GPS tracking and geo-fencing option, ensuring traceability of the vehicle financed. Consequently, this leads to a decrease in their NPAs, paving the way for lower interest rates. As a result, Vehicle Finance becomes more affordable for end-consumers while providing lenders with a more secure lending platform.
    If natural resources are conserved, our nation would no longer be required to import oil and in the long run, rural employment would get a boost, hence reducing the rural-to-urban migration.
    At Veectero, our key objective of foraying into this segment has always been to conserve natural resources, fight pollution, cut carbon footprints, and build a sustainable future, which reflects across all our products and services.

Drive the change with Veectero E-Vehicles and win against environmental pollution kyon ki Veecetero Bazzigar – Sabko Jeetaaye Hero Banaaye.



We are truly Indian from the heart. Through our zeal of making our nation greener, free from pollution, we have established ourselves in the e-vehicle market. Have a look at our presence.

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With ICAT certification and best-in-class specifications, its truly a Make In India firm.

    About Us

    Veectero E-Vehicles LLP is a manufacturer of E-Vehicles, certified by ICAT for its passenger and commercial model, Bazzigar, with the vision of creating a sustainable society. Join the movement.

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