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Veectero E Vehicles has entered this sector to help reduce carbon footprints and generate employment, thereby protecting the environment and empowering its citizens.                                We strongly believe that “One E-Rickshaw can feed an Entire Family”, hence penetration in this market is strategic to both.


Protecting and Conservation of The Environment.


Generating Employment and Empowering its Citizens.


Contributing towards “Green and Sustainable Economy”

Future is Electric !!!

Future is Electric !!!

About Veectero

Veectero E Vehicles LLP is engaged in manufacturing of E-Vehicles and is Certified by ICAT for its passenger and commercial model “BAZZIGAR”. 
Through this core business, The Group has a willingness to contribute towards the environment and the society, at large.
Veectero E Vehicles is a front runner in the movement of protecting and conserving the climate and the environment. As a corporate group, we feel it is our responsibility to contribute to the environment, to the best of our ability. In all the conferences of Global Leaders the primary and collective goal is to reduce CARBON FOOTPRINTS.

communication is key

personal service

communication is key

personal service

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VEECTERO-E-VEHICLES has two major modes of working, that is – “Sell-Out” at the same time “Buy-In”.

 “Sell Out” the product, which is the E-Rickshaw, and in “Buy” is the reduction of carbon footprints and its impact on the environment. Various studies have shown that transportation is the major source of carbon dioxide emission, hence a diminutive contribution from us to fortify this cause.

Our second major focus area is empowering citizens by generating employment. E Rickshaw business is one of those which is growing day by day, highly valued, a paramount sector which will provide an entrepreneur with name, fame, recognition along with goodwill and business in the longer span of time.

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Veectero E Vehicles offers 24 x 7 customer care support. We strive to always stay in contact with our customer and partner throughout their journey with us, with the objective of "FEEDBACK TO FEED FORWARD."

understanding your rights

From the beginning, Veectero E Vehicles is continuously working on what customer wants and how best we can deliver to you.

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Veectero aims to have “Zero – Defect Manufacturing” and “100% Customer Satisfaction”. We perpetually fixate on incipient product development aligned with the market requisites and ultimately what the customer desires.
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We @ Veectero are always on the search of developing and finding new ways to complement the market. Our constant endeavor is to provide the best for our customer , as already mentioned “CUSTOMER IS GOD FOR US”

Continious Development

In our strive to achieve excellence our R&D team is constantly developing and trying new designs.

Better Customer care Services

You call and we are there ! so quick we are in our approach. Our process oriented system helps us reach the customer in a very proactive manner.

Improving Product

Change is only constant, we go by this and hence we are at par with your imagination.

Working For Innovation

As our product is environment friendly. Hence a constant drive, brain storming is done on and off, to get the best product on road,
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

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Our Success Rate is 98%

Our Client Satisfaction Ratio is 97%

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Our Future Plans are to launch futuristics Electric Solutions.