We are Grateful to this wonderful Nation – INDIA, we are grateful to all the People & resources of this society. We are grateful to all the Governments for providing such a wonderful opportunity to progress and prosper with ease, peace & Happiness. We believe that it is our responsibility to reciprocate by giving back to society in Real Sense with grateful heart. We continuously practice to invest our time, energy & resources to contribute in growth of society by means of blood donation camps, providing water facilities, Encouraging & Educating Girl child & many more….
We are focused and committed to increase the level & effectiveness of CSR activities at every stage in true sense resulting in happy & progressive society.

Go – Green Campaign

“Let’s Go Green to get our Globe Clean & Green” In line of our core values, we have initiated KRYSTAL GO GREEN CAMPAIGN” by planting Trees, Educating People and spreading the message across, encouraging the contribution from all around to create Clean & Green Future.

Blood Donation

Blood Donation Camp  to Support Charitable and Government Hospitals for better healthcare services & betterment of personal health too.

Educational Aid

Investing funds to provide college fees, books, notebooks, and uniforms to progressive students through “SAMBHAV SHANTI FOUNDATION”