Why Veectero?

VEECTERO endeavours to create a workplace, coming to which is a joy and not a job. In an age where stress at work has reached its most amplified form, the Company distinguishes itself by extending an opportunity of holistic wellbeing. An environment of affinity, inspiration and equanimity helps build a motivated team, set to take up challenging roles and responsibilities.


We at VEV strongly advocate the concept of Work – Life  balance which supports the efforts of employees to spend time and efforts between work and the personal front. Since the current environment is such that the work life balance has to be struck very well, hence we are doing the best of what we can.

Work Life Balance
employee welfare Veectero


  • Flexibility at work gives The Team the leverage to be more creative and satisfied.
  • Lunch time is celebratory and informal setup, which lets the Team unwind and rejuvenate.
  • Welfare activities like Game Room,social outings, interactive sessions.
  • We ensure quality of life and a good work – life balance.

Training & Development is an important business function which contributes majorly to all the levels (organizational, group and individual effectiveness & growth). These all activities ensure and builds up a strong learning culture.Grooming at all levels is a continuous effort to build and sustain the culture building. The training interventions (on the job and off the job) are targeted to maximize the strength of our managers. All employees are encouraged for cross-functional exposure and by making VEV more robust and job rotation enables mobility as an integral aspect of all. .

Traning and development in veectero manufacturer of E Vehicles
Team Engagement

At VEV we believe in total employee engagement.Festival Celebrations- Diwali, Dusherra, Holi, Ganesha Chaturthi, Lohri, Birthday Celebrations, Best Kaizen awards and many more activities…